My AP Stories for 2021

My AP Stories for 2021 are below. Please click on the highlighted links to read my AP Stories, and to go to My AP Stories for 2020, and My AP Stories for 2019 and 2018.

My AP Story June 15, 2021 about vaccine laggard Japan stepping up shots with company efforts.

My AP Story June 14, 2021 on the Taylors’ trial starting.

My AP Story June 13, 2021 on the trial starting the following day of the two Americans suspected in Carlos Ghosn’s escape.

My AP Story June 7, 2021 on Toyota reaching a settlement over bullied engineer’s suicide.

My AP Story May 26, 2021 about Carlos Ghosn’s interview defending Greg Kelly on trial in Japan.

My AP Story May 23, 2021 about IOC’s Coates getting a backlash on his remark about the Olympics being held even in an emergency.

My AP Story May 21, 2021 when he made the remark.  

My AP Story May 20, 2021 about TV stars playing lovers really getting married.

My AP Story May 18, 2021 about Japan’s economy shrinking as pandemic dries up spending.

My AP Story May 14, 2021 on the petition demanding cancellation of the Olympics being submitted.

My AP Story May 12, 2021 on Greg Kelly testifying in his trial, saying he just worked for Nissan’s best interests.

My AP Story March 26, 2021 about how the Nissan-Renault rift is getting highlighted at the trial of former Nissan executive Greg Kelly.

My AP Story May 11, 2021 on Carlos Ghosn’s answers to prosecutors being read by the defense lawyer in the trial of former Nissan executive Greg Kelly.

My AP Story May 6, 2021 about a petition drive demanding the Olympics be canceled.

My AP Story May 3, 2021 about nurses dismayed by Tokyo Olympics’ request for help.

I’m a Contributor to this AP Story May 19, 2021 about doctors asking to cancel the Games.

My AP Story May 6, 2021 on Nintendo profits booming as people staying home turn to games.

My AP Story May 1, 2021 on the torch relay detoured and other Tokyo Olympics developments.

My AP Story April 28, 2021 on June trial set in Japan for the Americans accused of helping Carlos Ghosn escape.

My AP Story April 27, 2021 on Toyota acquiring Lyft.

My AP Story April 14, 2021 on the president of Toshiba stepping down.

My AP Story April 13, 2021 on the late Nintendo president and his book.

My AP Story April 12, 2021 on Japan’s celebrating Hideki Matsuyama’s Masters win.

My AP Story April 15, 2021 about ruling party politicians expressing doubts about holding the Olympics.

My AP Story April 7, 2021 on Toshiba saying it had received a preliminary acquisition proposal.

My AP Story April 1, 2021 about the Bank of Japan survey showing optimism about a recovery.

My AP Story March 30, 2021 about how some medical experts aren’t convinced about holding the Olympics.

My AP Story March 21, 2021 on Hitachi acquiring GlobalLogic for $9.6 billion.

My AP Story March 24, 2021 on Toyota, Isuzu, Hino setting up tie-up in truck technology.

My AP Story March 23, 2021 on Japan spending billions on coronavirus tracking app for absent Olympic fans.

My AP Story March 22, 2021 about Japan charging two Americans in the escape of Carlos Ghosn.

My AP Photo and My AP Story March 5, 2021 and AP Interview with the chief defense lawyer for Greg Kelly on trial in Japan on charges related to Carlos Ghosn’s compensation.

My AP Photo and My AP Story March 4, 2021 about animation film “Demon Slayer” striking a chord with pandemic-era Japan.

My AP Story March 18, 2021 about the Tokyo Olympics being hit by another scandal over sexist comments.

My AP Story March 18, 2021 on Japan raising tariffs on U.S. beef after hitting import limit.

My AP Story March 12, 2021 on Japan’s post office tying up with Rakuten.

My AP Story March 2, 2021 explaining what might be ahead for the American father and son being extradited to Japan on suspicion of helping Carlos Ghosn skip bail and escape to Lebanon.

My AP Story March 1, 2021 on the prime minister’s PR chief resigning after lavish meal tied to broadcaster.

My AP Story Feb. 26, 2021 on Japan partially ending the state of emergency, while keeping it for the Tokyo area.

My AP Story Feb. 24, 2021 on Nissan’s former chief executive testifying in a criminal trial.

My AP Story Feb. 19, 2021 on Honda’s tapping a research expert as its new president.

My AP Story Feb. 14, 2021 on another protest in Tokyo against the military coup in Myanmar.

My AP Story Feb. 11, 2021 about thousands of people from Myanmar in Japan demanding democracy back home.

My AP Story Feb. 15, 2021 about Japan’s economy growing in the final quarter of 2020 in a gradual recovery from the pandemic slump.

My AP News Alert and Story Feb. 13 ~14, 2021 on the strong earthquake that hit northeastern Japan.

My AP Story Feb. 10, 2021 on Toyota’s earnings recovering from effects of the pandemic.

My AP Story Feb. 9, 2021 about Nissan staying in the red amid pandemic, Japan criminal trial.

My AP Story Feb. 9, 2021 on Honda’s profits rising despite pandemic damage.

My AP Story Feb. 8, 2021 on SoftBank’s profit zooming on lucrative investments.

My AP Story Feb. 8, 2021 is the Markets report for the day.

I’m a contributor to this AP Story Feb. 12, 2021, the day Mori is expected to officially resign.

I’m a contributor to this AP Story Feb. 4, 2021 about a Japanese Olympic official facing calls for resignation after a remark apparently belittling women.

My AP Story Feb. 3, 2021 on Sony’s profits booming on “Demon Slayer” hit.

My AP Story Feb. 1, 2021 on how Nintendo’s profits are soaring as people play games during the pandemic.

My AP Story Jan. 12, 2021 on the testimony of Nissan’s former COO on how the automaker sought to hide Carlos Ghosn’s pay.

My AP Story Jan. 7, 2021 on Japan declaring a state of emergency for Tokyo, and three nearby prefectures, after coronavirus cases surge.

My AP Story Jan. 8, 2021 on the first day for Japan under the state of emergency.

My AP Story Jan. 11, 2021 on the Japan material for The Latest on the virus.

My AP Story Jan. 10, 2021 on the Japan material for The Latest on the virus.

My AP Story Jan. 9, 2021 on the Japan material for The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic.

My AP Story Jan. 6, 2021 on coronavirus cases reaching a daily record in Tokyo.

My AP Story Jan. 4, 2021, a co-byline with our AP Sports Writer, on pandemic worries looming as the countdown clock for the postponed Tokyo Olympics hits 200 days to go.

My AP Story Jan. 1, 2021 on the emperor turning to video for his New Year’s Day message.