Talking Taiko _ The Film

“Talking TAIKO,” directed by Yoshiaki Tago, expresses in pensive video the poetry of Yuri Kageyama, and explores her world through interviews and documentation of her readings with music.

Tago has been working in Japanese TV and film for more than a decade, having directed Japanese feature films “Worst Contact,” “Believer” and “Maid in Akihabara.”

The 2010 44-minute film, which is a work-in-progress, marks his debut in English-language filmmaking.

Appearing in “Talking TAIKO” besides Kageyama are Winchester Nii Tete, a percussionist from Ghana, Japanese violinist Yumi Miyagishima, taiko drummer Isaku Kageyama, Keiji Kubo on didgeridoo and other young musicians of Tokyo.

The film juxtaposes scenes from Japanese Bon Odori festivals and bustling Shibuya streets to underline the message of Kageyama’s poetry _ that being a poet is an extremely special and profound place to be, but is equally an everyday and essential way of life.

Poetry has always been a part of Kageyama’s life, no matter where she goes, over all the years, in childhood, in womanhood and in motherhood.

The collaborations of poetry with music with the young friends of her son and musician Isaku Kageyama emerge as key to her rediscovery of her poetic voice in Japan, a nation unspportive of artists and women, especially those choosing English and poetry as the language of expression.

Tago has gently captured that development, while joining as an uncompromising collaborator, and finds himself and his filmmaking deeply affected by the experience.

Tago and Kageyama have completed a music video of a 2010 concert by Yoichi Watanabe, master taiko drummer, Isaku’s teacher and founder of Tokyo taiko group Amanojaku, centered on his memories of Venezuelan drummer Eliazar Yanez, who studied taiko under Watanabe.

Tago has also documented Kageyama’s book party in San Francisco Aug. 15, 2011, featuring American drummer Eric Kamau Gravatt, guitarist Makoto Horiuchi and bassist Hiroyuki Shido, as well as Isaku Kageyama, at Yoshi’s restaurant.

Tago collaborated as a filmmaker in her Aug. 6, 2012, reading with American drummer Pheeroan akLaff at plan-B in Tokyo, showing footage from the disaster-ravaged Tohoku region and re-edited segments from “Talking TAIKO.”