Photo, design credits

Photo and Design Credits:

Yuri Kageyama’s Web Page Design by Ian Lynam

Art for “About Yuri (Biography),” “Publications (Bibliography),” and “The New And Selected Yuri” Pages by Annette Borromeo Dorfman

Photo for “News” Page by Tennessee Reed in a poster designed by Mark Stuart Ong.

Photos for “Talking Taiko _ The Film” and “Contact” Pages by Ryan Bruss

Photo forĀ “Reviews” by Takashi Itoh

Photo for “The Very Special Day” by Junji Kurokawa

Design for “Photo, design credits” Page (a poster for a TOKYO FLOWER CHILDREN performance by Yuri Kageyama) by Teruyuki Kawabata with Photos by Memo Vasquez and Hi-Bana.