Poetry written and read by Yuri Kageyama with the Yuricane band, featuring Hirokazu Suyama on drums and tablas, Hiroshi Tokieda on bass, Hide Asada on guitar and Trupti Pandkar on vocals.
“A Tribute for Ishmael Reed”
SFJAZZ CENTER in San Francisco SAT June 28, 2014.
All poetry written and read by Yuri Kageyama
5:40 “Loving Younger Men”
11:05 “Little YELLOW Slut”
17:25 “No Gift of the Magi”
23:55 “Ode to the Stroller”
30:00 “Fukushima” in homage to Questlove Jenkins and The Roots.
34:00 “Hiroshima”
40:10 Indian Improv Interlude
44:02 “I Will Bleed” Lyrics by Yuri Kageyama and Trupti Pandkar, Melody by Trupti Pandkar and Hiroshi Tokieda.

“Story of Miu,” a film written, directed and edited by Yuri Kageyama.
Featuring Yuki Kawahisa as Miu and chief choreographer and dancer.
Rodrigo Albuquerque as Man.
Desiree Cantuaria as Woman in Park.
Score “Nikata Bushi” by Isaku Kageyama’s Hybrid Soul, with Isaku Kageyama on taiko drums, Yoshinori Kikuchi on shakuhachi, Chris Young guitar and Pat Glynn on bass.
Credit roll music “My Africa,” composition and vocals by Ayumi Ueda, Isaku Kageyama percusssion, Yoshinori Kikuchi shakuhachi, Yumi Sugimoto piano, Keisuke Higashino bass and Seiemon Sawada shaminsen.
Chief Cinematographer Rodrigo Albuquerque.
Camera and Production: Raquel Prado and Desiree Cantuaria.
Editing: Yuri Kageyama.
New York Film Academy.
October 2014.

The trailer for my collaboration with stop motion artist Hayatto “The Very Special Day.” Written and Read by Yuri Kageyama with Music by Kouzan Kikuchi, Hiroshi Tokieda, Ryan Carter and Isaku Kageyama.
A birthday is very special for any little boy.
And a little boy is very special for any parent.
This story, now am award-winning very special film, an everyday but very special story about the trials and joys of growing up in an imperfect world. 


NEWS FROM FUKUSHIMA: Meditation on an Under-Reported Catastrophe by a Poet.”
An award-winning Yoshiaki Tago film. Written by Yuri Kageyama. Stage performance directed by Carla Blank. Performed by Takemi Kitamura, Monisha Shiva and Shigeko Sara Suga with music by Stomu Takeishi, Kouzan Kikuchi, Isaku Kageyama and Joe Small.



“ode to the stroller” a poem by Yuri Kageyama featured by the Public Poetry Series, February 2015, read by drummer Hirokazu Suyama.Film by Adam Lewis.


Yuri Kageyama and The Yuricane at Tokyo Woodstock at What the Dickens in Tokyo, July 21, 2013.
“ode to the stroller” , featured in the Public Poetry Series, and “Little YELLOW Slut” poems by Yuri Kageyama, first published in KONCH (Ismael Reed Publishing Co., 2009), featuring Hirokazu Suyama (drums), Hiroshi Tokieda (bass) and Yuuichiro Ishii (guitar). Film by Luis Silva.


“Little YELLOW Slut” jazz version by Yuri Kageyama and The Yuricane at Yoshi’s San Francisco, a book party for “The New and Selected Yuri _ Writing From Peeling Till Now” Aug. 15, 2011, with Eric Kamau Gravatt (drums), Makoto Horiuchi (guitar), Hiroyuki Shido (bass), Isaku Kageyama (percussion), Ashwut Rodriguez (guitar) and Glen Pearson (keyboards). Film by Yoshiaki Tago.


“Love Poem” by Yuri Kageyama (first published in “Breaking Silence: An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Poets,” The Greenfield Review Press, 1983). Japanese translation by Yo Nakayama. Isaku Kageyama (taiko drum) and Makoto Horiuchi (guitar) at Yoshi’s San Francisco Aug. 15, 2011. Film by Yoshiaki Tago.


“Loving Younger Men” a poem by Yuri Kageyama (first published in “Beyond Rice: A Broadside Series,” Mango Publications and NOLO Press, 1979) with Winchester Nii Tete (Odono or talking drum), Keiji Kubo (Didgeridoo) in a “Talking TAIKO” performance at Kuraki Noh Theater, Yokohama, Japan, Dec. 6, 2008. Film by Yoshiaki Tago.

“No Gift of the Magi” a poem by Yuri Kageyama, a finalist winner in the Cultural Weekly poetry contest and published Nov. 13, 2013, read with bassist Hiroshi Tokieda at the Japan Writers Conference in Okinawa, Japan Nov. 2, 2013. Film by Adam Lewis.

“Hiroshima” a poem by Yuri Kageyama (first published in KONCH January 2015, one of the poems in that issue that became a part of my performance piece NEWS FROM FUKUSHIMA:MEDITATION ON AN UNDER-REPORTED CATASTROPHE BY A POET, performed at Z Space in San Francisco 2017, debuted at La MaMa in New York 2015.) in this rendition with music by the Yuricane band _ Hirokazu Suyama (drums), Hiroshi Tokieda (bass) and Yuuichiro Ishii (guitar), at the Japan Writers Conference in Okinawa, Japan, Nov. 2, 2013. Film by Adam Lewis.

And many more at Yuri Kageyama’s Channel on YouTube