This kind of peace-loving Tokyo indies music scene is what inspired my latest short story “The Father and the Son,” which will be in an anthology of American multicultural fiction edited by the McCarthy “Genius” Award-winning poet and novelist Ishmael Reed and avant-garde dancer Carla Blank.
“Pow-wow: American Short Fiction from Then to Now” can be pre-ordered from, and I already ordered mine!
“Jounetsu wo Torimodosou” is written by Teruyuki Kawabata, the guy singing with his guitar in the video.
His beautiful fiancee Haruna Shimizu and I start it off with a reading and are joined by Winchester Nii Tete, Yumi Miyagishima, Keiji Kubo and Carl Freire _ who took part in the June 8,2008 TOKYO FLOWER CHILDREN event of multicultural poetry and music.
The other pieces that evening:
“SuperMom: A Poem for All Working Women With Children” with Winchester, a reading of “Ikiru,” “Little Yellow Slut,” “People Who Know Pain” with Shima, “Loving Younger Men” and other works.
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Remembering Soul

we leave without saying a word
people will understand

yesterday’s sunset burns in our memory
but tonight we remember soul

forever tucked in that pocket of our soul
we will forget the days of tears and fears

remember, remember,
in this pocket of our soul
we don’t need to cry

dalalalilah, dalalalilah, dalalalilah

just look at the sun and the sky
we don’t need to fit in

we don’t need to cry
we don’t need to cry