Mieko Kawakami

Akutagawa Award winning writer Mieko Kawakami wrote about my interviewing her in her blog March 20.
And so I am writing about interviewing her in my blog.
My article about her talks about how her blog got her discovered as a writer.
Her work is cleverly crafted, and her Osaka dialect gives her a distinct voice that is poetic and dense.
Her next book is going to take a male character, quite a break from her “The Breast and the Egg,” which focuses on the relationships and internal dilemmas of women.
The young man is cockeyed, defining the sometimes dubious relationship he has with the world around him.
People he encounters are never sure where he is looking, no matter that, to him, he is looking them right in the eye.
Kawakami used to be cockeyed as a child and had that surgically corrected.
Kawakami got married recently with a music producer.
But she isn’t much interested in and probably won’t be having children because birth control is so fool-proof lately.
She even questions the meaning of sex when reproduction isn’t even a practical possibility.
She may write about eroticism and sexual relations in the future, but not now, she said.