I am a Journalist 2

The integrity of the reporter has always been important.
But as our industry enters financial difficulties, the raison d’etre of journalism is inevitably going to be questioned.
We have to answer the question: Why do we need news stories?
What does news offer that’s not in video games, social networking, movie downloads, blogs?
Reporting has to be about a lot of things _ delivering information accurately and quickly, making complex faraway stories easy to understand, engaging readers in an entertaining meaningful way, etc.
But the bottom line is: Reporters serve the public good by getting the truth out.
That’s why reporters must have integrity.
We can’t hope to have any credibility if we are not good people with principles in our everyday lives.
This is where being a Poet/Journalist sees no conflict.
Poets speak the Truth. Poets pursue Goodness. Art is Life.