Isaku’s page gets new look

Isaku Kageyama has updated his Web page at
Sunday Nov. 11, his taiko drum group Amanojaku performed at a 20th anniversary concert for Ayutsubo Daiko in Shizuoka.
Amanojaku leader and Isaku’s master teacher Yoichi Watanabe has taught taiko in the U.S. and Brazil, but his oldest students are right here in Japan.
The group performed a new piece by Watanabe based on a “matsuri” rhythm.
Three drums were placed on a fancy metal scaffolding _ a big one on top and two next to each other on the bottom.
And four drummers played the drums from each side.
The tune is funky with a lot of drive as it moves into several grooves evocative of “iki/hip” Tokyo festival music that brought to mind mikoshi shrines, colorful floats and shouting crowds.
It’s a celebration of the Japanese community, a thanksgiving for life, the harvest, and family.
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