Horiemon 4

Perhaps the Japanese court will hand down as harsh a verdict on the other executives at Livedoor as with Horie.
Japan’s court system doesn’t have plea-bargaining.
The judge in Horie’s case is saying that the evidence shows Miyauchi was the main man behind the schemes, allegedly used to inflate profits.
Then at least the logic would follow that it would make sense for Miyauchi to possibly end up with even a heavier sentence.
Soichiro Tawara’s news show on TV Asahi noted the lenient treatment Nikko Cordial was getting from the authorities vs. what happened with Livedoor.
Nikko wasn’t even delisted despite lots of Japanese media reports saying that it will _ making its stocks gyrate like mad all along (likely landing hefty profits for investment funds).
The show also pointed out, as have our AP stories on Livedoor, that past executives accused of inflating earnings didn’t get prison terms.
But the pundits on the TV show said part of the reason may be that Horie made millions off selling his stocks in Livedoor.
The verdict on Miyauchi and others is scheduled for March 22.