Fujiya fiasco




Fujiya, the candy-maker of Peko-chan fame, is in deep trouble after acknowledging it had used old milk and other ingredients in its products.
The employees in charge of media act confused and disorganized.
That just adds to their bad image (irresponsibility/incompetence.)
Today, they weren’t sure if a Fujiya plant was being investigated by prefectural officials.
We have yet to confirm the reports, they said.
It was faster to just get the facts from Saitama Prefecture.
The latest is that the company didn’t tell the public about food-poisoning in 1995, merely filing a report with the local heatlh authorities.
I wonder why wrongdoing highlighting the lack of corporate ethics, Mitsubishi Motors, Snow Brand, etc. just keeps happening, although each time the public is outraged, and the outrage is genuine.
Change seems so slow in coming in Japan.
People continue to buy Mitsubishi cars and trucks.
Snow Brand lives under a different name Megu Milk.
And the Fujiya fiasco will be forgotten/forgiven. People will go back and buy Peko-chan cakes.
There’s so much “akirame” in Japanese culture.
Outrage serves merely as an outlet for emotions.
It never quite seems to serve as the engine for change that it should be.