Jazz transcends boundaries

Caravan, Easy Money, All of Me, Moonlight Serenade …….
Drummer Takayoshi Tanaka is realizing a longtime dream in leading a Big Band.
Most of the band members, as well as the crowd, were Japanese Boomers.
Some didn’t even have hair.
But they had swing.
It’s moving to witness people who have never given up on their belief in Music over the years.
George Bernard Shaw was right: Youth is mottainai to keep it the sole privilege of youngsters.
The crowd loved it _ Mr. Tanaka, who played for 30 years in the Self Defense Forces band, calls it “ai to roman to kandou no” Orchestra.
After the concert, Mr. Tanaka gave me the ’60s Power handshake, still a bit breathless, his hand still sweaty and hot.
You were so cool, kakkoii, I told him.
Honto? Really? he asks, as though he isn’t sure and wants to know.