What it means to be a woman of color _ A poem by Yuri Kageyama

photo by Naokazu Oinuma

What it means to be a woman of color _ A poem by Yuri Kageyama

It’s the John Coltrane quartet all in one

Spiritual like Jimmy Garrison’s bass

McCoy Tyner’s resonant chords

The smarts of Elvin, the Love Supreme of the saxophone:

We can be all things, and more, just to get a chance to show we can play


It’s the courage of the 442 all in one  

That integrity to raise one’s hand to serve

Even out of an arid desert “internment” camp,

Defying death, our Purple Hearts, wounds of body and soul:   

We work a hundred, thousand times harder to prove we are American


It’s Martin Luther King’s dream all in one

We may fall to an assassin’s hatred

Our honor smeared by fake allegations

But we still stand, for freedom, and forgive every one:

We still have that, in us, despite what you have done to us.  

Taiko _ both American and Japanese

Taiko takes a freeer American fun festive flair at the North American Taiko Conference at the “Taiko Ten” outdoor concert at Stanford University FRI Aug. 19, 2011. Isaku Kageyama played with his fellow yonsei and other friend taiko drummers Masato Baba, Yuta Kato, Shoji Kameda, Jen Baik and Chris Bergstrom.
Taiko is at once American and Japanese, fun and free, and plain good music.