Eric Kamau Gravatt with McCoy Tyner Trio

Eric Kamau Gravatt was in town with the McCoy Tyner Trio with Gerald Cannon for the Tokyo Jazz Festival over the weekend.
We thought it wasn’t possible.
But Kamau sounds better than ever.
Strong music keeps getting stronger.
Thank you, Kamau.

Tyner’s Drummer 2

Eric Kamau Gravatt during his recent trip to Tokyo.

McCoy Tyner’s drummer

Eric Kamau Gravatt has been a longtime family friend from his days in the San Francisco/Bay Area.
He was in Japan recently with McCoy Tyner, and so since I spent some time with him anyway, I wrote a story (more links to video at the bottom).
Another link to the story.
It is amazing how after all these years, he is still the same.
Greatness never changes.