An Ode to the Asian Uncle Tom _ A Yuricane Poem by Yuri Kageyama

An ode to the Asian Uncle Tom
A Yuricane poem by Yuri Kageyama

You sit prim with your glasses
Behind that desk, title, resume
Won on the back of 442 Purple Hearts
Oblivious in your banal Banana-ism
To the fact that Yellow is the Color
Of the Most expedient, easily forgotten, cheapest of lives
Be it Hiroshima, My Lai, North Korea,
You sip white wine at ethnic restaurants
New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Bangkok,
They all look alike
In your smiling Instagram posts
You have made it
You have arrived
Never mind, in your deepest solitary moments,
You pick out
Just those who look like you:
Race suddenly a Reality;
You must put them down
Make sure they remain the invisible man, the invisible woman
You can do the math _ as the stereotype goes _
The slots are limited, a zero sum game,
Diversity cannot be the majority;
You’ve long lost your ancestral accent
You’ve adopted the stately air of leaders
You’ve deleted memories of how we were all shackled,
Picked strawberries, Built railroads, Survived behind barbed wires,
Instead, you go to meetings,
Rehearse your video appearances,
Take vacations to the Caribbean and Bali,
Sneer at Chinese going shopping,
Plan your retirement,
Asian American, only to whites
The token
The house slave
The betrayal